Pony Trekking Holidays

Pony Trekking Holidays

Today's pony trekking holidays are both exhilarating and adventurous. From the novice rider to those who are more advanced, saddle friendly treks are quickly becoming one of the most popular activities for families on vacation. Your horse trek can have your exploring remote areas and hidden villages or soaking up the beauty of a pristine coastline. You will get closer to nature than ever before and in a way that can't be done on wheels. Here are details on a few of the worlds most exciting pony treks. See which one will offer you the adventure you are looking for:


Spending Pony Trekking Holidays in Aveyron, France

If you prefer gourmet picnics and the best wines, then you will love going on a pony trek to Aveyron, France. Picture yourself on a beautiful, calm horse, racing through lush forests and brushing valleys along the Aveyron countryside in France.

Marvel at the Distinctive Style of Pony Treks in Nevada, US

Enjoy light and fit pony trekking holidays in Nevada. Located in the United States, Nevada is an ideal place for horse lover's to get back to their roots. You will get to experience your mornings in cowboy like manner, riding across acres and acres of Nevada grasslands. Not only will you ride a surefooted pony, but you will also eat beans from billy cans, mend fences, and participate in cow branding. Pony trekking in Nevada is one of the most authentic trips you will ever take.

Incredible Trekking in Andalucían Coast, Spain

Imagine riding on the coastline of Andalucian, over the countryside. This is the perfect trip for beginner riders. With sweeping, dramatic views of the ocean, you can gallop through the waves and marvel at the sand dunes. Or seek out hidden villages as you canter through tranquil pinewoods. This equestrian escape is exactly what you may need to free yourself from the norm.

Splendid Pony Treks in The Black Mountains, Wales

You can get plenty of adventure on pony trekking holidays in The Black Mountains in Wales. Beginner packages are extremely popular in this dynamic wilderness environment because you will ride at a steady and bottom friendly pace. Enjoy delicious pub lunches and explore small villages along the way.

Relaxing Mini-Breaks in Sligo, Ireland

Pony trekking holidays in Sligo, Ireland provide you with the freedom of galloping along miles of pristine sandy beaches. Nothing is better than exploring nature along bogland path. This pony trek is best for intermediate and advanced riders who can handle riding in the saddle for hours. Stay overnight in a precious guest house, equipped with maps and saddle bags. You won't believe the dramatic views over Sligo Bay and out towards County Mayo.

Now that you have an idea of what's available for pony trekking holidays, you only have to chose which region you want to travel to and then sign up. Get yourself in good physical shape and prepare your mind for the wonderful adventure ahead. Get all the facts and explore nature the way it was intended.

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